13 Reasons why twitter is better than facebook

twitter is better

Twitter is the second most popular social media site next to facebook.Though I like facebook much than twitter,as a matter of fact,twitter is better than facebook in some key features.This post is not a entire comparison between twitter and facebook.Its about only the pros of twitter which lacks in facebook.So,lets come to the point :

1.Tweets get quick attention than facebook updates.

2.You can follow more people quickly in twitter when compared to facebook.

3.You can have more contacts in twitter when compared to facebook.You can only have a maximum number of 5000 friends in facebook.

4.You are not restricted to follow more new people until your following limit reaches 2000.Unlike in twitter,facebook has more restrictions for adding new people.You are able to send more friendship requests based on the approval of your friendship requests from others.For example,if your friendship requests sent to others not approved,you are temporarily banned for adding friends in facebook.

5.You are able to get other’s updates easily just by following them in twitter.But in facebook you must add the person as a friend to get their updates.

6.Twitter has less privacy settings when compared to facebook which lets us to get more online exposure.

7.Unlike in facebook,you dont have to waste your worthable time like playing online games,useless pokes and tags from friends in twitter.

8.More desktop clients are available for twitter when compared to facebook.

9.Monetizing twitter is easy for every twitter users and time consuming when compared to monetizing facebook.

10.You can able to get quick reply for your update from your twitter network when compared to your update in facebook.

11.Unlike in twitter,you can only send a bulk message to a list having a maximum of 20 conatcts in facebook.You can add many people in many lists but you can only send a message to a list which has maximum 20 contacts.Unlike in twitter,messaging to other people in facebook needs word verification if you send more messages.

12.Navigation inside twitter is easy when compared to facebook.

13.Your followers and the people followed by you are not able to write or post anything in your twitter wall(What’s happening) but in facebook you friends are able to write or post anything in your wall unless you restricted your privacy settings. 
   Last but not least,twitter has more potential to spread a news viral than facebook.

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18 Effective tips to get more twitter followers

twitter followers

Twitter is the second largest social media site next to facebook.Unlike facebook,twitter is a micro blogging service which will drive huge amount of traffic to our sites.Most of my friends asked me that why i mostly write articles about facebook.The reason is simple ,just I love facebook much.Well comming to the point,there are various methods to get more followers in twitter.Here is a list of 18 tips which helps you to get more followers in twitter.

1.Optimize the placement of your twitter badge in your site.There are two portions of blog which gets more visibility among the visitors.One is the content above the fold and another one is the content right below your blog post.Add your twitter badge exactly at the end of the blog post.Floating twitter badges may have more visibility than this but visitors will follow you only you have quality content in your blog.So,adding twitter badge at the end of blog posts can get more attention from the visitors than adding anywhere alse.

2.Get your account verified from twitter.Now twitter verifies only a limited number of accounts.You will be get verified easily only if you are a popular figure in particular field like celebrities,politicians etc..,Your twitter profile gets more visibility among twitter users if you have a verified account.

3.Update your tweets regularly with quality information.

4.Synchronize your twitter account with other social media sites like facebook,myspace etc..,

5.Ask some little help from your followers.Ask them to tweet your profile link with a message inviting others to follow you.( Use clicktotweet to make this task easily)

6.Recently i came across a called tweepml sharing the lists of twitter users.There are many lists of follow back twitter users in the site.You can follow all the people in the list with just a single click.Get more people following back you.

7.Make your twitter profile looks professional by giving all important informations about you in the profile.Having your own picture is very important otherwise people conside your profile as fake.

8.Swap you profile link among your friends in twitter.Ask your friends to tweet your profile link with a intro message about you and do the same for them.

9.Run a contest on your blog to promote your twitter profile.

10.Thank your followers who shared your tweet by using @ reply method.

11.Use signatures(a big myth !) to promote your twitter profile.

12.Dont tweet about your activities often.Tweet about useful info that what your followers are looking for.

13.Welcome your new followers with a auto direct message

14.Tweet with a link containing a photo to make your tweet interesting.(Checkout Twitpic)

15.Use hashtags inside your message while tweeting.

16.Add your twitter badge especially in your stumbleupon profile in your bio section as it gets more visibility for your new profile visitors.

17.Try to get quick attention from others with an eye catching message.

18.Checkout featuredusers which is an ad network of twitter applications where twitter users advertise their profile to gain followers.

Last but not least,keep adding new followers regularly.Do you think am i missed any important points in this post?

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How facebook groups are better than fan pages ?

facebook groups

In one of my previous post i wrote an article about why facebook pages are better than groups sorting out the important features of fan pages which lacks in groups.In this post i am gonna share in which way groups are better than pages in facebook.

1.Groups has the potential to send bulk messages to all members but fan pages are only able to send update to their fans.Consider you are having 5000 members in your group and 50,000 fans in your fan page.You are able to get quick attention to your group’s messages from 5000 members but you are not able to get attention to your fan’s update from your 50,000 fans.

2.Group’s messages appears in the live notifications but fan’s update does not appear in the live notifications.That’s y messages get more attention than updates.

3.Groups have more active discussions and participants but discussions in fan pages are not much active when compared to the discussions in groups.

4.Fan pages are for oneway promotions means only the administrator of fan page gets benefits from the fan pages and the fans are not able to get benefits from fan pages.

5.Unlike in groups, fan pages are targeted for a specific website or business so fans have no benefits from their fan pages.

6.Though both in fan pages and groups,fans and members are able to post links in the wall respectively.But only members are allowed to post links in groups and fans are not allowed to post links in fan pages.

7.You are able to invite your friends from other services like hotmail,yahoo and gmail in groups but you are only able to send suggestions to anyone except to your facebook friends.

8.You are able to add a personal message with invitation in groups but you are not able to add a personal message with suggestions in fan pages.

9.Administrators are visible in groups but they are not visible in fan pages.

10.You are able to approve requests for particular new members in groups but you are not able to do this in fan pages.You can just hide your fan page for a particular country or for a particular group of people.

11.You are able to make group members as officers but you are not able to make fans as officers in fan pages.

12.Any members of group are able to see the list of all other members in group but only admin’s are able to see the list of all fans in their fan page.

13.Members are allowed to upload videos in groups but fan are not allowed to upload videos in fan pages.

14.You are able to provide privacy types such as public,closed and secret only in groups but you are not able to provide privacy types in fan pages.

15.Group events are more active than fan page events.

16.Last but not least,you are able to create more fan pages using groups but you are not able to create more groups using fan pages.

What is your opinion about this post ?     

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How to optimize facebook profile for better visibility ?

facebook profile
Social media optimization play an important role for driving viral traffic to our sites.As the top social media site,facebook’s popularity is growing day-by-day and its necessary one to optimize major features of facebook for better visibility and online presence.Here are 16 simple tips which helps you to get maximum exposure for your facebook profile.

1.Profile picture should be neat,professional and attractive.Users first pay attention to your  profile picture as soon as they reached your profile page.

2.Add your real picture rather than adding fake pictures or cartoons.This will help the users to recognize you as a authentic person.

3.Create an intro video about yourself with a welcome message to your new friends and add the video in your profile.

4.Below your profile picture,there is a mini info box.Describe about yourself shortly and upto the point.

5.Dont add bulk of information or more links in the mini info box field.

6.In the information section,make sure to show your relationship status,current city and your website.

7.If you have both your personal and business contacts in facebook,hide your friend’s info by changing the visibility settings.By making this adjustment,your personal contacts will not get disturbed by your business contacts.

8.Show your activities and updates from other social sites.Though you are able to add updates of your other social sites through third party facebook applications,some of the social sites applications has no feature to synchronize with facebook.By default,facebook lets you to import your updates from other sites.This feature is currently supporting to 13 sites including delicious,digg,youtube,flickr,google reader etc..,To do this,go to the options below the share button in your wall,then click settings,then choose your other sites to import your activities of them in your wall.

9.In the “Stories posted by friends”,uncheck “friends may post to my wall”.Let them to only send message via DM.

10.You are able to control which applications can post stories on your wall via application settings.

11.In the Info tab section,completely fill all the blank fields giving relevant information and just hide your e-mail in the contact info to avoid contacting you without your prior permission.

12.Use any  rss importing application or networkedblogs application to update your latest posts in your wall automatically.

13.Share links in your wall with thumbnails.Links without thumbnails dont get attention from your contacts.

14.Keep an eye on your friends activity in your profile.Reply to their comments and likes made on your profile.

15.Customize your wall settings to be seen by your friend’s of friends.

16.Update your status often in your wall with useful and eye catching information so your contacts are willing to participate and make comments in your updates.

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16 effective ways to get more backlinks


Backlinks are very important for every sites to get more traffic as well as to increase page rank.There are different kinds of methods to build more backlinks.Here are 16 simple tips which helps you to get more backlinks to your blogs or websites.

1 Make comments on high page rank dofollow blogs regularly.

2.Write new articles on article marketing sites like ezinearticles,articlesbase,famousbloggers etc..,At each article include a author bio-data information pointing a link back to your website.

3.Participate in the discussions of dofollow forums and include a link back to your site as a signature while answering and asking questions respectively.

4.Do relavant link exchange with other blogs or sites in your niche.

5.Try to get one way back links from other sites though its hard to get it.Ask your regular readers and your followers to support your work by giving some link juice to your site.

6.Write guest posts on popular blogs and include a link pointing back to your site at the end of the posts.

7.Sumbit your new posts to dofollow social bookmarking sites regularly.

8.Get massive tweets and status updates in facebook from other people.

9.Add “link to this post” at the end of your all posts,so readers are able to give backlinks to your site easily.As this option is default in blogger as “create a link”,if you use wordpress then add necessary code at the end of your posts.

10.Be active in dofollow social networking sites to get link juices for your blogs.

11.Ask your friends to write friendly review about your sites in their blogs with a link pointing back to your site.

12.Write quality and interesting posts as other bloggers will come forward to give backlins to your site with almost no effort.

13.Write creative posts which will give you more backlinks automatically.If someone writes  relevant posts,they will mention your site name as “reference” with a link pointing back to your site.

14.Submit your blogs to dofollow directories and search engines .

15.Create a new blogger template and  let others to download for free.Include a link inside the template with a link pointing back to your site.

16. Run a contest in your blog with cool giveaway cashes and prizes .Ask the participants to add your link badge in their site or to write a review about your site as an important rule.

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