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23 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Twitter

                                            Image Credit : www.jorgesilvestrini[dot]com

Twitter is the Second biggest Social Media after Facebook. For a long time, Twitter has been changing it's features and UI. Now it's time to improve Ourselves to get better on Twitter.

The Common Mistakes are :

1.Tweeting too much often.

2.Promoting your affiliate links regularly.

3.Sending more Auto-responders.

4.Not using a Unique header.[ Header cover photo is the main aspect of our Professional Online Presence]

5.Not @mention to thank new Followers.

6.Posting Tweets just to get attention.

7.Always promoting your Brand and Products.

8.Not building relationship and engagement with the Followers.

9.Not mentioning proper Hashtags while tweeting.

10.Tweeting aggressively about Religion and Politics.

11.Ignoring to make new Polls.

12.Tweeting without images. [ Images get more attention that text]

13.Spamming followers Inbox with a big Story. [LOL]

14.Referring other People's account to follow.

15. Promoting your Social profiles as a DM.

16.Spamming same Tweet over and over again.

17.Tweeting with too many hashtags. [Very disturbing one to read the tweet]

18. Shortening everything to optimize the Tweet space.

19.Following a lot of Spam accounts.

20.Asking new followers to follow your another Twitter account.

21.Asking to DM (Direct Message) all the time.

22.Habit of following others only if they follow you.

23.Not following niche targeted Followers.

Let me know the Points which I missed in this Post by Commenting a Question.

How facebook is better than twitter ?

facebook vs twitter

Facebook and twitter are the two most powerful social media websites today.In my previous post i wrote an article about why twitter is better than facebook sorting out the important points of twitter which lacks in facebook.In this post i am gonna share how facebook is better than twitter.So.lets see what are the important features of facebook which lacks in twitter.

1.Community size is very important to have a better exposure and reach.According to the recent sources,facebook has more than 500 million active users while twitter has only 190 million users.

2.Live notifications are one of the important feature of facebook which lacks in twitter.

3.Twitter has limited features for profile info to show about yourself when compared to facebook.As facebook has more features in the info section,it lets your contacts to know more about yourself and to make a better networking with each other.Facebook has the feature to show your complete profile info online.

4.Instant messaging(IM) is another important feature of facebook which lacks in twitter.

5.You can customize updates of your friends and fan pages in news feed settings on facebook.Unlike in twitter,you can hide or show your friends updates in your news feed on facebook.In twitter,you cannot control the tweets of your friends in your news feed unless you unfollow them.By this limited functionality,you are not able to focus on updates of a specific person.

6.Anybody can see your updates just by following you in twitter.But in facebook,your updates will shown to others only when you confirm the specific person as a friend.

7.You can make true friends in facebook and networking when compared to twitter.

8.Facebook is rapidly growing community when compared to twitter.

9.Unlike facebook,twitter can be easily abused for spam by spammers to promote useless links often inside the community.

10.You can make long relationships on facebook when compared to twitter.

11.You can create and share photo albums with your friends easily on facebook.

12.You can get more interactions and active group discussions in facebook.

13.You can promote your product,brand or website with a fan page to gain more exposure.You can even promote yourself as a public figure via fan page.

Last but not least,facebook lets you to have meaningful relations which you cant make with twitter.

In this post i missed many points as i want my readers to show off the points.So what are the vital points which i missed in this post ?

Image credit : facebook[dot]com

13 Reasons why twitter is better than facebook

twitter is better

Twitter is the second most popular social media site next to facebook.Though I like facebook much than twitter,as a matter of fact,twitter is better than facebook in some key features.This post is not a entire comparison between twitter and facebook.Its about only the pros of twitter which lacks in facebook.So,lets come to the point :

1.Tweets get quick attention than facebook updates.

2.You can follow more people quickly in twitter when compared to facebook.

3.You can have more contacts in twitter when compared to facebook.You can only have a maximum number of 5000 friends in facebook.

4.You are not restricted to follow more new people until your following limit reaches 2000.Unlike in twitter,facebook has more restrictions for adding new people.You are able to send more friendship requests based on the approval of your friendship requests from others.For example,if your friendship requests sent to others not approved,you are temporarily banned for adding friends in facebook.

5.You are able to get other’s updates easily just by following them in twitter.But in facebook you must add the person as a friend to get their updates.

6.Twitter has less privacy settings when compared to facebook which lets us to get more online exposure.

7.Unlike in facebook,you dont have to waste your worthable time like playing online games,useless pokes and tags from friends in twitter.

8.More desktop clients are available for twitter when compared to facebook.

9.Monetizing twitter is easy for every twitter users and time consuming when compared to monetizing facebook.

10.You can able to get quick reply for your update from your twitter network when compared to your update in facebook.

11.Unlike in twitter,you can only send a bulk message to a list having a maximum of 20 conatcts in facebook.You can add many people in many lists but you can only send a message to a list which has maximum 20 contacts.Unlike in twitter,messaging to other people in facebook needs word verification if you send more messages.

12.Navigation inside twitter is easy when compared to facebook.

13.Your followers and the people followed by you are not able to write or post anything in your twitter wall(What’s happening) but in facebook you friends are able to write or post anything in your wall unless you restricted your privacy settings. 
   Last but not least,twitter has more potential to spread a news viral than facebook.

Image credit : lifefactors[dot]org

Monetize your twitter from twitter advertising networks

monetize twitter
Twitter is the second largest social media site next to facebook and its now one of the valuable place for marketing and advertising.There are many ways to monetize your twitter account,one of the famous method is getting paid for tweeting advertisers links and products,that's what we call us pay per tweet service.There are many twitter marketing ad networks which pays twitter users for tweeting their advertisers links.While we can make money using twitter by direct advertising too but its not easy method to find advertisers.If you have a huge number of twitter followers you can offer sponsored tweets on tenbux,where you can offer any kinda work for 5 $ or !0 $ .But working with third party networks make us easy to monetize our twitter profile.As most of us are aware of popular ad networks such as Sponsoredtweets and Adly,there are some other services which pays us money to tweet.We gonna have a look a look at these services.

Paymetweets lets you to give a twitter like interface to make money from twitter.Sign in with your twitter account authenticate and get paid for your tweets.Its quick and simple ,controlling your tweet streams.

Twtbuck is an another ad network platform which lets you to update your twitter status from the Twtbuck publisher profile page.If your status has keywork related to the advertisers offer,the system will show you an option ,if you accept the offer you will get paid.You will earn 0.1 $ to 100 $ depending on the worth of your twitter profile.

Adcause lets the twitter users to make money by helping others giving value for social media interaction by promoting advertisemnets socially.They had ad campaigns starting at 1 $.

Magpie is another ad network platform to make money using twitter by tweeting.But you can find advertisers there mostly who pays for pay per lead,means you will get commision for the sale you made.This method is not quick but you will get a good money if any sale made from you.

Revtwt is one of the largest advertising network on twitter which serves CPT and CPC ads.Cost per click ads start at 0.10 $ per click and Cost per thousand twitter followers ads starts as 0.30 $.They also have a referral program and you will get 20% of earnings from your referral.

Assetize is a targeted advertising network for twitter which lets you to monetize your shared links.You will earn money by displaying relevant ads.It also help you to sell your twitter account and make a good profit from it,like selling domains.Start a bid to your twitter profile,people bid on it and when bid ends you will get paid.

Betweeted is pay per click twitter ad network Tweet the links that are relavant to your account and followers ,get paid from advertisers if any of your followers clicks the links.

Twivert is another pay per click twitter service which provides value ads which you can share with your followers.You will get paid once your account reaches a minimum of 30 $.You will get 5$ when you referral get paid their first earnings.

Twittad is one of the sponsored tweet network which will lets you to monetize your twitter account.You will get paid when your account balance hits 30$ via paypal.

Twitpub is another marketplace for twitter to sell your tweets.Get paid for tweeting quality content and your twitter account should set to private or protect your updates which are not publicly visible.Its a another nice way to monetize your twitter.

Twtmob lets you to make money by sharing info about music videos,movie trailers,merchandise trends etc..,Tweet the advertisers links and get paid for your work,its easy try it now.You will request a payout when your account reaches a minimum of 50 $.

Tweetbucks is a url shortening service which lest you to make money with your tweets and the site is now under updating their site model.

As I mentioned earlier in the post about Sponsoredtweets and adly,Adly is a twitter advertising network which will pay money for tweeting advertisers links or products.There are many  such twitter advertising networks but the difference is you can make money if you have a large number of followers.But adly pays you though if you have only 100 genuine follwers.The price for each tweet is set by adly’s automatic pricing algorithm system based on the quality of your feed.The minimum payout is 50 $,payment will be made by paypal or cheque.If you refer someone to adly you will get  12% of everything they make on adly.apart from making money with tweets,adly runs many contests will cool prizes such as ipod,mac book pro’s etc..,

Sponsoredtweets launched by IZEA is an another pay per tweet program which lets the twitter users to make money by tweeting sponsored links by advertisers and lets the advertisers to build buzz .Your account must be minimum six months old having atleast 200 followers to get visible in the advertiser’s section and then  hopefully you will get offers from the advertisers.You will get paid once your account reaches a minimum of 50 $ like adly.You have the option to se the price to charge per tweet and sponsoredtweets has a referral program which pays you 10 % of sharing revenue from the people you referred.Now start making money from joining this service.

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Best twitter desktop clients to monitor twitter updates

Getsnitter is a twitter client for mac and windows powered by Adobe AIR application.
(Note :freerealtraffic is moved to thewahblogger)
twitter desktop client

Tweetdeck is a twitter desktop application along with facebook and google buzz.

twitter desktop client1

Sobees is a desktop client which supports facebook,myspace,linkedin along with twitter.

twitter desktop client2
Twhirl is a social software desktop client for twitter,friendfeed, etc..,

twitter desktop client3
Getspaz is a micro blogging desktop client for twitter, and laconica..,

twitter desktop client4

  Seesmic is a Adobe AIR powered desktop client for twitter and facebook.

twitter desktop client5

Twitdoc is an another twitter desktop client powered by Adobe AIR.

twitter desktop client6

Threeter is a lightweight desktop client for superfast tweeting.

twitter desktop client7

Blu is a windows vista twitter desktop client.

twitter desktop client8
Mixero is a twitter software client which supports windows,Mac osX and linux platforms.

twitter desktop client9
Digitweet is a WPF twitter client for windows.

twitter desktop client10
Wittytwitter is a another twitter client for windows vista and XP powered by WPF.

twitter desktop client11

Display tweets in your site with cool twitter widgets

Juitter a plugin to put your twitter tweets live on your website.

TwitterWind  a widget lets you to display twitter timeline on your website.

Seaofclouds a javascript plugin to put tweets on your website.

Wishafriend  lets you to display your tweets with colourfull animated backgrounds.

Blastcasta a simple widget to show your latest tweets.

Widgetbox  display your last tweet with your image.

TwitGif a simple animated image showing your last tweet.

Tweetag a simple custom widget to show your twitter updates.

Twibadge a wordpress plugin to show your latest tweets.

Yoast lets you to easily display your last tweet.

SayTweet a twitter widget which display your last tweet on a photo.

Twitstamp a stamp to show your tweet.

TwitterSalt a stylish widget to show your last tweet.