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23 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Twitter

                                            Image Credit : www.jorgesilvestrini[dot]com

Twitter is the Second biggest Social Media after Facebook. For a long time, Twitter has been changing it's features and UI. Now it's time to improve Ourselves to get better on Twitter.

The Common Mistakes are :

1.Tweeting too much often.

2.Promoting your affiliate links regularly.

3.Sending more Auto-responders.

4.Not using a Unique header.[ Header cover photo is the main aspect of our Professional Online Presence]

5.Not @mention to thank new Followers.

6.Posting Tweets just to get attention.

7.Always promoting your Brand and Products.

8.Not building relationship and engagement with the Followers.

9.Not mentioning proper Hashtags while tweeting.

10.Tweeting aggressively about Religion and Politics.

11.Ignoring to make new Polls.

12.Tweeting without images. [ Images get more attention that text]

13.Spamming followers Inbox with a big Story. [LOL]

14.Referring other People's account to follow.

15. Promoting your Social profiles as a DM.

16.Spamming same Tweet over and over again.

17.Tweeting with too many hashtags. [Very disturbing one to read the tweet]

18. Shortening everything to optimize the Tweet space.

19.Following a lot of Spam accounts.

20.Asking new followers to follow your another Twitter account.

21.Asking to DM (Direct Message) all the time.

22.Habit of following others only if they follow you.

23.Not following niche targeted Followers.

Let me know the Points which I missed in this Post by Commenting a Question.

18 Effective tips to get more twitter followers

twitter followers

Twitter is the second largest social media site next to facebook.Unlike facebook,twitter is a micro blogging service which will drive huge amount of traffic to our sites.Most of my friends asked me that why i mostly write articles about facebook.The reason is simple ,just I love facebook much.Well comming to the point,there are various methods to get more followers in twitter.Here is a list of 18 tips which helps you to get more followers in twitter.

1.Optimize the placement of your twitter badge in your site.There are two portions of blog which gets more visibility among the visitors.One is the content above the fold and another one is the content right below your blog post.Add your twitter badge exactly at the end of the blog post.Floating twitter badges may have more visibility than this but visitors will follow you only you have quality content in your blog.So,adding twitter badge at the end of blog posts can get more attention from the visitors than adding anywhere alse.

2.Get your account verified from twitter.Now twitter verifies only a limited number of accounts.You will be get verified easily only if you are a popular figure in particular field like celebrities,politicians etc..,Your twitter profile gets more visibility among twitter users if you have a verified account.

3.Update your tweets regularly with quality information.

4.Synchronize your twitter account with other social media sites like facebook,myspace etc..,

5.Ask some little help from your followers.Ask them to tweet your profile link with a message inviting others to follow you.( Use clicktotweet to make this task easily)

6.Recently i came across a called tweepml sharing the lists of twitter users.There are many lists of follow back twitter users in the site.You can follow all the people in the list with just a single click.Get more people following back you.

7.Make your twitter profile looks professional by giving all important informations about you in the profile.Having your own picture is very important otherwise people conside your profile as fake.

8.Swap you profile link among your friends in twitter.Ask your friends to tweet your profile link with a intro message about you and do the same for them.

9.Run a contest on your blog to promote your twitter profile.

10.Thank your followers who shared your tweet by using @ reply method.

11.Use signatures(a big myth !) to promote your twitter profile.

12.Dont tweet about your activities often.Tweet about useful info that what your followers are looking for.

13.Welcome your new followers with a auto direct message

14.Tweet with a link containing a photo to make your tweet interesting.(Checkout Twitpic)

15.Use hashtags inside your message while tweeting.

16.Add your twitter badge especially in your stumbleupon profile in your bio section as it gets more visibility for your new profile visitors.

17.Try to get quick attention from others with an eye catching message.

18.Checkout featuredusers which is an ad network of twitter applications where twitter users advertise their profile to gain followers.

Last but not least,keep adding new followers regularly.Do you think am i missed any important points in this post?

 Image credit : faizsuberi{dot]com