23 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Twitter

                                            Image Credit : www.jorgesilvestrini[dot]com

Twitter is the Second biggest Social Media after Facebook. For a long time, Twitter has been changing it's features and UI. Now it's time to improve Ourselves to get better on Twitter.

The Common Mistakes are :

1.Tweeting too much often.

2.Promoting your affiliate links regularly.

3.Sending more Auto-responders.

4.Not using a Unique header.[ Header cover photo is the main aspect of our Professional Online Presence]

5.Not @mention to thank new Followers.

6.Posting Tweets just to get attention.

7.Always promoting your Brand and Products.

8.Not building relationship and engagement with the Followers.

9.Not mentioning proper Hashtags while tweeting.

10.Tweeting aggressively about Religion and Politics.

11.Ignoring to make new Polls.

12.Tweeting without images. [ Images get more attention that text]

13.Spamming followers Inbox with a big Story. [LOL]

14.Referring other People's account to follow.

15. Promoting your Social profiles as a DM.

16.Spamming same Tweet over and over again.

17.Tweeting with too many hashtags. [Very disturbing one to read the tweet]

18. Shortening everything to optimize the Tweet space.

19.Following a lot of Spam accounts.

20.Asking new followers to follow your another Twitter account.

21.Asking to DM (Direct Message) all the time.

22.Habit of following others only if they follow you.

23.Not following niche targeted Followers.

Let me know the Points which I missed in this Post by Commenting a Question.


  1. These are some great tips. :) I'm guilty of some of the nonos as I've been experimenting with Twitter. Have you ever used the Crowdfire App to manage your Twitter account? We are focussing on Twitter this month on Networking Bloggers, so it's the perfect post to put up there. Thanks for sharing it. And welcome again to Networking Bloggers! :)