14 Effective tips to write a great guest post

guest post

Writing guest posts is one of the effective way to get more exposure to our blogs.It helps us to get new audience and backlinks to our blogs.It also helps us to have a good relationship with other bloggers and make ourself as a popular figure in the blogosphere.Writing guests posts in a proper way only helps us to get benefit from guest blogging.Unlike article marketing,guest blogging will help us to write guest posts in a convenient way to get more benefits from the post.So,lets come to the point.

1.Before writing a guest post in a blog,read the previous posts and comments made on the blog to get an idea for writing a guest post to reach the targeted audience in the blog.

2.Come with a new idea and write a creative post.You have to focus much on writing a guest post for other blogs rather than writing a post on your blog.The reason is,your audience well know about your potential and writing skills.So you have to write a great content in your guest post to make the readers of the blog in to your subscribers.

3.Be sure to write the content only related to the niche.Dont write out of the content.

4.Give a small intro about yourself in the guest post so the audience are able to know better about you but dont promote too much about yourself or about your blogs inside the guest post.

5.Dont forget to add a relavant image inside the guest post.Because images can get quick attention from the readers.I have seen many guest posts in which no images were added inside the posts.Our aim should be to attract more visitors and to gain more audience for our blogs from the guest posts.

6.Reply to the comments made on your guest posts.Engage in conversation with your guest post readers by replying to their comments to make a good opinion about yourself thereby pulling them to your blogs.

7.While adding your blog links inside the guest post,redirect the audience to the most popular post in your blog rather than redirecting them to the homepage of your blog.

8.Keep in mind that you are not writing in your blog so be sure to follow the guidelines of the guest posts while writing a guest post otherwise there may be chances for your guest post rejected.

9.Write quality guest posts so your guest posts will be accepted by the blog owner without any hesitation in the future.

10.Be aware that you are allowed to write a guest post in a specific blog as the owner of the blog has benefits too from your post.So,write unique great articles for their blogs.

11.Way of presentation is very important though you have great article.Write post in such a way as the readers will be easily able to navigate inside your post.

12.Ask a question at the end of the guest post,so you are able to get many comment interaction from the readers to your post.

13.Be sure to highlight the important keywords inside your guest post.

14.Optimize the title of your guest post with keyword rich words.Try to write an article about your success in your niche such has ‘how i made’ as title which will increase curiosity among the readers to get more exposure.

Last but not least,write original,quality,relevant and interesting content otherwise its of no use for both the blog owner and the guest blogger.

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