11 Simple proven tips to get more guest posts

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Guest blogging is one of the powerful way to drive more traffic to our sites and make better networking with other bloggers.I would prefer to say guest blogging is much better than article marketing in many ways.Guest posts have mutual benefits for both the blog owner and the guest blogger.Here is a list of 11 tips which helps you to get more guest posts to your site.

1.Create a write for us or guest posts page in your blog.

2.Let the bloggers to know about the popularity of your blog.Guest bloggers are willing to write mostly on high traffic and good page rank blogs.

3.Make your guest posting guidelines easy to follow for guest bloggers,dont add more restrictions in the guest posting guidelines.

4.Invite your blogging friends to write guest posts in your blog.

5.Run a contest to write guest posts in your blog and reward the winners with cool prizes and discount coupons.

6.Put a brief introduction of the guest bloggers at the beginning of the guest posts and make sure that’s better visible to your readers so they are also interested in writing guest posts to your blog.

7.Join myblogguest and bloggerlinkup,community of guest bloggers to find guest bloggers for your blog.

8.Get a little help from your friends to tweet and share your ‘write for us’ page to get more visibility for your guest posts page among the visitors.

9.Participate in the discussions and forums about guest blogging which is now available more among social networks in the blogoshpere.

10.Swap guest posts with your blogging friends.Write guest post to your friends blog and ask them to write a guest post for your blog .

11.Keep an eye on regular commentators in your blog.They are the active participants in your blog encouraging your writing service.Send a private e-mail for them inviting you to write guest post in your blog.

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