Resources to make money from facebook

money from facebook
Facebook is the top second website in the world ranked by alexa after google  and its popularity is raising day-by-day.More internet marketers and advertisers are focusing on facebook now to market and advertiser the products.,There are many ways to make money from facebook using our facebook profiles,groups,fan pages,applications etc..,Here we gonna discuss some of the resources..,

Paidstatus is a service which connects the facebook users and advertisers,users can make money by just updating the status of their facebook profile,fan page and group respectively.If you have a minimum of 500 friends in your profile or minimum of 500 members in your group or minimum of 2000 fans in your fan page,you can apply there.You can set your own own price that you would like to get paid from the advertisers.

Facebookcashflow is a 47 $ woth free e-book revealing the secrets of money making on facebook and the offer is valid upto July 17,2010 .

Takeadvantageoffacebook  were offering a “Make Money on Facebook Techniques”e-book for 13 $ but they now make the book free to public and its available online as a online tutorial guide.

MakeMoneyWithFacebook is a e-book written by a college student Hooman nuri and the book is getting a lot of good feedback from the buyers and its now available for 10 $ now.

Facebookpayday is a another e-book about making money from facebook and they have closed the doors to buy now but you can subscribe them to receive a special price offer when its released.

Faceprofit is a money making package system which reveals the exact successful Facebook profit secrets,Optimized Facebook marketing strategies and tecniques and Processes that are generating money.,

FBadsguide by Jonathan Volk is the best selling e-book revealing the complete guide to make money with facebook ads.This book is the best selling e-book ever related to making money from facebook and its getting lot of positive waves from the online.

Facebankguide is another  “How to Make Money With Facebook” e-book telling the methods and tips on how to make money with facebook.


  1. Great post Hirfan! I only know FBadsguide by Jonathan Volk. I will take a look to others, after. Thanks for sharing.

  2. @ Nicola,thanks bro you are always welcome