10 Cool facebook applications for bloggers

facebook applications
Blogvote is a simple facebook applications for bloggers which lets you to vote for other blogs and promote your blogs.

NutshellMail  helps to maintain your online activities which will deliver your facebook activities in a single e-mail digest.

Poll  is a simple facebook application which lets you to create polls for your fanpages and profiles.

RSSGraffiti  Unlike other applications this app lets you to publish mutliple rss feeds to the walls of your facebook profiles,fan pages and groups.

Webaddress is a simple facebook application which lets you to maintain your mutliple online profiles in a single link.

Webprofiles  lets you to connect your social media accounts like twitter ,bebo,my space etc.., to your facebook profile.

Friendmeup is a simple facebook application lets you to connect your youtube,linkedin and twitter to your facebook profile.

Simplaris Blogcast lets you to blogcast your latest posts in your blog.

Yakket allows you to synchronize your twitter updates with your facebook status.

Twitter is a simple facebook application which lets you to synchronize twitter updates with facebook.


  1. Hi very good morning.Nice to see here your is a do-follow blog,me too.Just came here to drop entrecard,but don,t find the advert.

  2. I wasn't aware of some of them, i must check. thanks for sharing.

  3. Very useful blog.....I follow U!!Hello from Greece and ΣτάΛες στο ΓαΛάΖιο team!!!

  4. nice collection!!!the last one the "twitter app"
    its really synchronizes both facebook and twitter i luv it...
    happy bloogin.... :)

  5. @ all the above,thanks and keep making good comments !