23 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Twitter

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Twitter is the Second biggest Social Media after Facebook. For a long time, Twitter has been changing it's features and UI. Now it's time to improve Ourselves to get better on Twitter.

The Common Mistakes are :

1.Tweeting too much often.

2.Promoting your affiliate links regularly.

3.Sending more Auto-responders.

4.Not using a Unique header.[ Header cover photo is the main aspect of our Professional Online Presence]

5.Not @mention to thank new Followers.

6.Posting Tweets just to get attention.

7.Always promoting your Brand and Products.

8.Not building relationship and engagement with the Followers.

9.Not mentioning proper Hashtags while tweeting.

10.Tweeting aggressively about Religion and Politics.

11.Ignoring to make new Polls.

12.Tweeting without images. [ Images get more attention that text]

13.Spamming followers Inbox with a big Story. [LOL]

14.Referring other People's account to follow.

15. Promoting your Social profiles as a DM.

16.Spamming same Tweet over and over again.

17.Tweeting with too many hashtags. [Very disturbing one to read the tweet]

18. Shortening everything to optimize the Tweet space.

19.Following a lot of Spam accounts.

20.Asking new followers to follow your another Twitter account.

21.Asking to DM (Direct Message) all the time.

22.Habit of following others only if they follow you.

23.Not following niche targeted Followers.

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10 Simple tips on how to write a good blog post

blog post
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1.Way of presentation is very important.Try to write as bulleted list or short paragraphs rather than writing long paragraphs,so the readers can easily go through and get the information they need.

2.Use simple words rather than using difficult words to understand because all of your readers can't be proficient in english.

3.Highlight the important keywords in the post,so that the readers can get quick attention and easily navigate inside your posts.

4.The title of the post should be eye-catchy and keyword rich,so the readers would like to view though you don't have a great article in the post.

5.Don't try to promote more of your affiliate links in the post because it can be a irritation to the readers.

6.Ask a question at the end of the post,so it will make the readers to engage in conversation with you by making comments in your post.

7.Try to add a call-to-action in your post if possible.

8.If possible provide some useful resources in your post.It can be your friend's blogs which might be helpful to make a good relationship with other bloggers.

9.Make sure the content of the post is only related to the topic and don't write out of the box.

10.Last but not least,engage in conversation with the readers by replying to their comments in the post.

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14 Effective tips to write a great guest post

guest post

Writing guest posts is one of the effective way to get more exposure to our blogs.It helps us to get new audience and backlinks to our blogs.It also helps us to have a good relationship with other bloggers and make ourself as a popular figure in the blogosphere.Writing guests posts in a proper way only helps us to get benefit from guest blogging.Unlike article marketing,guest blogging will help us to write guest posts in a convenient way to get more benefits from the post.So,lets come to the point.

1.Before writing a guest post in a blog,read the previous posts and comments made on the blog to get an idea for writing a guest post to reach the targeted audience in the blog.

2.Come with a new idea and write a creative post.You have to focus much on writing a guest post for other blogs rather than writing a post on your blog.The reason is,your audience well know about your potential and writing skills.So you have to write a great content in your guest post to make the readers of the blog in to your subscribers.

3.Be sure to write the content only related to the niche.Dont write out of the content.

4.Give a small intro about yourself in the guest post so the audience are able to know better about you but dont promote too much about yourself or about your blogs inside the guest post.

5.Dont forget to add a relavant image inside the guest post.Because images can get quick attention from the readers.I have seen many guest posts in which no images were added inside the posts.Our aim should be to attract more visitors and to gain more audience for our blogs from the guest posts.

6.Reply to the comments made on your guest posts.Engage in conversation with your guest post readers by replying to their comments to make a good opinion about yourself thereby pulling them to your blogs.

7.While adding your blog links inside the guest post,redirect the audience to the most popular post in your blog rather than redirecting them to the homepage of your blog.

8.Keep in mind that you are not writing in your blog so be sure to follow the guidelines of the guest posts while writing a guest post otherwise there may be chances for your guest post rejected.

9.Write quality guest posts so your guest posts will be accepted by the blog owner without any hesitation in the future.

10.Be aware that you are allowed to write a guest post in a specific blog as the owner of the blog has benefits too from your post.So,write unique great articles for their blogs.

11.Way of presentation is very important though you have great article.Write post in such a way as the readers will be easily able to navigate inside your post.

12.Ask a question at the end of the guest post,so you are able to get many comment interaction from the readers to your post.

13.Be sure to highlight the important keywords inside your guest post.

14.Optimize the title of your guest post with keyword rich words.Try to write an article about your success in your niche such has ‘how i made’ as title which will increase curiosity among the readers to get more exposure.

Last but not least,write original,quality,relevant and interesting content otherwise its of no use for both the blog owner and the guest blogger.

What is your opinion about this post ?

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11 Simple proven tips to get more guest posts

guest blogger

Guest blogging is one of the powerful way to drive more traffic to our sites and make better networking with other bloggers.I would prefer to say guest blogging is much better than article marketing in many ways.Guest posts have mutual benefits for both the blog owner and the guest blogger.Here is a list of 11 tips which helps you to get more guest posts to your site.

1.Create a write for us or guest posts page in your blog.

2.Let the bloggers to know about the popularity of your blog.Guest bloggers are willing to write mostly on high traffic and good page rank blogs.

3.Make your guest posting guidelines easy to follow for guest bloggers,dont add more restrictions in the guest posting guidelines.

4.Invite your blogging friends to write guest posts in your blog.

5.Run a contest to write guest posts in your blog and reward the winners with cool prizes and discount coupons.

6.Put a brief introduction of the guest bloggers at the beginning of the guest posts and make sure that’s better visible to your readers so they are also interested in writing guest posts to your blog.

7.Join myblogguest and bloggerlinkup,community of guest bloggers to find guest bloggers for your blog.

8.Get a little help from your friends to tweet and share your ‘write for us’ page to get more visibility for your guest posts page among the visitors.

9.Participate in the discussions and forums about guest blogging which is now available more among social networks in the blogoshpere.

10.Swap guest posts with your blogging friends.Write guest post to your friends blog and ask them to write a guest post for your blog .

11.Keep an eye on regular commentators in your blog.They are the active participants in your blog encouraging your writing service.Send a private e-mail for them inviting you to write guest post in your blog.

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How facebook is better than twitter ?

facebook vs twitter

Facebook and twitter are the two most powerful social media websites today.In my previous post i wrote an article about why twitter is better than facebook sorting out the important points of twitter which lacks in facebook.In this post i am gonna share how facebook is better than twitter.So.lets see what are the important features of facebook which lacks in twitter.

1.Community size is very important to have a better exposure and reach.According to the recent sources,facebook has more than 500 million active users while twitter has only 190 million users.

2.Live notifications are one of the important feature of facebook which lacks in twitter.

3.Twitter has limited features for profile info to show about yourself when compared to facebook.As facebook has more features in the info section,it lets your contacts to know more about yourself and to make a better networking with each other.Facebook has the feature to show your complete profile info online.

4.Instant messaging(IM) is another important feature of facebook which lacks in twitter.

5.You can customize updates of your friends and fan pages in news feed settings on facebook.Unlike in twitter,you can hide or show your friends updates in your news feed on facebook.In twitter,you cannot control the tweets of your friends in your news feed unless you unfollow them.By this limited functionality,you are not able to focus on updates of a specific person.

6.Anybody can see your updates just by following you in twitter.But in facebook,your updates will shown to others only when you confirm the specific person as a friend.

7.You can make true friends in facebook and networking when compared to twitter.

8.Facebook is rapidly growing community when compared to twitter.

9.Unlike facebook,twitter can be easily abused for spam by spammers to promote useless links often inside the community.

10.You can make long relationships on facebook when compared to twitter.

11.You can create and share photo albums with your friends easily on facebook.

12.You can get more interactions and active group discussions in facebook.

13.You can promote your product,brand or website with a fan page to gain more exposure.You can even promote yourself as a public figure via fan page.

Last but not least,facebook lets you to have meaningful relations which you cant make with twitter.

In this post i missed many points as i want my readers to show off the points.So what are the vital points which i missed in this post ?

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